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About Us

S.C. LLINDY COMPANY S.R.L was founded in 2007, it is headquartered in Craiova, Dr. V Papillian Bl. G6, ap 5, Unique Identification Code: RO 22739269, Nr. Trade Register: J16 / 2184/2007

Bank Account: Lei



opened at ING Bank N.V. Amsterdam - Bucharest Branch


Euro account: RO67INGB0000999903420701

, phone: 0746 058304

The products are imported from Germany, have certificates of origin and are offered for sale at the pharmacies Petryfarm, MagicFarm, Salvia, Ipeca, Pharmacotem, Professional Pharma Group in Craiova, Santefarm, Cocafarm, Medicafarm in Slatina, Impala in Pitesti, Apifarm, str.C.A. ROSETTI, sect.2 Bucharest.

The products have already been used with results from athletes from the Wu Ku An Li Martial Arts Club in Craiova, athletes from Slatina, Pitesti, Hunedoara, Craiova.A

The products Aktiv3 and Sanct Bernhard, Best Body Nutrition in Germany are very effective, natural, not on the list of doping substances.

The products are notified to the Ministry of Health and are recommended to both performance athletes and all age groups for health care.

Papers are imported from Germany, as well as certified toys. In Craiova, you can find the Omniscop library within the National Theater.

LLINDY COMPANY S.R.L. is an importer and distributor of Cosmetics, Erotic Products, Fashion products, electronic products, home appliances, toys, software, trying to offer for sale according to the needs of consumers, quality products at decent prices